We're a gym, and that's just the beginning

Are you contemplating beginning your fitness journey but feel intimidated by the typical gym environment?

Relax, ...the atmosphere here is casual, yet purposeful. 

Inner Strength and Fitness is not your typical gym. It is spacious, bright and friendly with lots of windows and views. The members here are in pursuit of their own challenges, not yours. This creates an atmosphere of levity, curiosity and success! 

We have lovingly served the Santa Fe community for the past 7 years, and look forward to continuing our work by helping each person achieve optimal health and wellness.

Everyone is succeeding!

How can we help you?

Custom fitness program, Santa Fe, NM

I want to gain strength with the guidance of a personalized fitness routine specific to my goals.

Personal training in Santa Fe, NM

I'm seeking private sessions with a trainer to help me build strength and confidence.


I'm interested in coaching/counseling to help me stay accountable to my goals.

Is inner strength and fitness right for you? 

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2903 Agua Fria Street
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Individual & Small Group life Coaching

Life coach Santa Fe, New Mexico

Weekly individual or small group life coaching provides additional support, guidance, and accountability in your pursuit of health and wellness.

  • Nutrition coaching 
  • Actionable strategies for setting and achieving goals
  • Moving past self-limiting beliefs and habits 

Take action in 2017!

What is your next move towards optimal health and wellness? You don't have to go it alone. As a licensed mental health counselor and coach, Adrienne provides an empathic and goal oriented atmosphere to help you manifest and achieve the vision you have for the coming year. 

Adrienne Sloan, LMHC

As a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) in the state of New Mexico, Adrienne brings a lifetime of personal and professional experience to her work at Inner Strength and Fitness. Prior to her work here, Adrienne counseled individuals, families, teens, and groups specializing in healing trauma. Over the past 20 years, Adrienne has also studied nutrition as it relates to physical and emotional wellbeing. Her integration of strength training and mental/emotional health began in graduate school and continues into her work here at Inner Strength and Fitness. She has an extensive understanding of the neuroscience of change and believes that anyone, at any age, is capable of creating new neural pathways to support a healthy lifestyle.  Interested in learning more? Email her at: innerstrengthandfitness@gmail.com